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Join our Affiliate Program!

Once you join our program, we will pay you 20% of the fees made on every auction posted by a customer you refer!

That's not all! With our referral system, you can make money on auctions posted by customers that can eventually be rooted back to you! You will make money on auctions for up to four levels down that you were ultimately responsible for!

Here's an example.

Commission Example

Let's say you refer three people to, Tom and Harry. Each time Tom or Harry post an auction, you get 20% of the fees.

Now let's say that Tom refers the site to Theodore, and Harry refers the site to Alvin and Simon. Whenever Alvin posts an auction, Harry gets 20% and YOU get 5%!

Now let's say Alvin refers the site to Sonny and Cher. If Sonny posts an auction, Alvin gets 20%, Tom gets 5%, and YOU get 2.5%.

If Sonny refers the site to Michael and Fredo, and Fredo posts an auction, Sonny gets 20%, Alvin gets 5%, Tom gets 2.5% and YOU get 1%!

Sound good to you? If you want to join in and make some money, register as a user today, then come back to this link to sign up to be an affiliate!

Would you like to advertise in this space?

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