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Buyers Information

AuctionEquipment allows buyers to participate in its auctions. allows buyers to offer bids on as many or as few items as they like. There is no cost to the buyer to bid on for-profit/private entity auctions, and bidding on non-profit/public/educational entity auctions requires a small fee. All the buyer has to do is register with AuctionEquipment which is 100% free.

AuctionEquipment is a hassle free site. AuctionEquipment will not interfere with a transaction between a buyer and seller. A buyer is free to communicate with a seller inside and outside of AuctionEquipment. When a buyer wins an auction all business processes and practices will be handled by both the buyer and seller. This includes performing all due diligence on the items that the buyer has won in the auction. By AuctionEquipment keeping their participation in the auction at a minimum, it allows the participants of the auction the freedom they need to perform a successful business transaction.

Feel free to navigate through our site! When you find the equipment you want to bid on register right away with AuctionEquipment and get the bidding started!

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